Candelabra is a supplier of agricultural products.

We market our products through Candelabra B.V. in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The activities of this company are mainly focused on logistics, marketing and sales of the agricultural products.


Sesame seed (Sesamum indicum)

Sesame seeds are believed to be one of the first condiments, as well as one of the first plants to be used for edible oil. The famous phrase "Open Sesame" of Arabian Nights, probably derives from the distinguishing feature of the sesame seed pod, which bursts open when it reaches maturity. Sesame seeds, in the various forms, are used in a wide variety of applications; from food processing to the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Sesame seeds are grown in rain fed areas without use of any synthetic fertilizer or manure as far as pesticides or insecticides. This means sesame seeds and all derivatives from it are organic.

The estimated yearly production is 150.000 metric tons.

Gum Arabic (gum acacia)

Gum arabic is the exudates from the chyle of the Acacia Senegal and Seyal trees. The Gum belt's gross area is estimated to cover 520,000 square kilometers. Gum arabic is used in traditional lithography, printing, paint production, glue, food- and medicinal products, cosmetics, and various industrial applications.

The estimated yearly production is 50.000 metric tons.

Hibiscus flower (Hibiscus Sabdariffa)

Hibiscus flowers are obtained from the mallow plant Hibiscus. The inner calyx of the hibiscus flowers are dried, cleaned and spray dried. Hibiscus flower is used in paper making, food-, medicinal and beauty products.

The estimated yearly production is 23.000 metric tons.

Peanut (Arachis hypogaea)

The peanut, or groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea), is a species in the legume or "bean" family (Fabaceae). Special about the groundnut is that it flowers above the ground, but fruits below the ground. Peanuts are used in food products and oils, make-up, medicines, textile materials, peanut butter, as well as many other uses.

The estimated yearly production is 50.000 metric tons.


Sorghum is a cereal crop that originated in Africa and is grown today in Asia and the Americas. The plants are cultivated in warmer climates worldwide. Sorghum is used in gluten-free recipes, food products and as cattle feed and the production of alcoholic beverages.

The estimated yearly production is 500.000 metric tons.

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